Iran The Land Of Glory And Beauties

Get to Know Iran


A history full of wonders and a nature blessed with pristine sublimity; both of these attractions are present in this vast exotic land known by the name Iran. The latter picture is enough to persuade any globetrotter to choose Iran as his/her destination. Here, nature-lovers have the opportunity of exploring great deserts, forests, mountains and seas and those who are enthusiastic about history and culture can visit one the most ancient countries in the world. Iran, the country of four seasons and seven climates, is one of the most scenic countries in the Middle-East with formidable mountain ranges, vast deserts, silky meadows, roaring cascades, and sky-blue lakes and flowing rivers. Iran is bordered by Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Caspian Sea as the largest body of water surrounded by land in the world is situated in the north and the Persian Gulf is in the south of Iran. This multifarious region that cradles two massive mountain ranges of Alborz and Zagros is steeped in a mysterious history. Remnants of ancient civilizations from Shahr-e Sukhteh (The Burnt City) that goes back to more than six thousand years ago to Sassanid Empire in Shahr-e Parseh and the Islamic period each entices the explorers with a unique experience of traveling in time.

This land of 1648195 km2 is officially called the Islamic Republic of Iran. According to the latest national poll conducted in 2016, Iran has a population of 79926270, and hence on the verge of 80 million people. Tehran province whose eponymous center is Iran’s capital, is one of 31 provinces in Iran. Although Farsi is the official language of the country and textbooks are published in Persian, other ethnic languages are used at will in the media and educational centers. Islam is the official religion of Iran and most of the Iranians practice Twelver Shiism. However, besides Islam, Zoroastrianism, Jewism and Christianity are allowed within the constitution of Islamic Republic and people may observe their religious rites freely according to the law. The flag of Iran features three horizontal bands colored green, white and red respectively with an ornamented Allah in Arabic at the center of the middle white band. The official currency in Iran is Iranian rial. Iran’s two main natural resources are oil and gas and the country boasts the second largest natural gas and fourth biggest oil reserves in the world. Heavy industries other than petroleum and gas related enterprises include mines, steel and handicraft which is immensely popular among the visitors. Iranian handicraft, the creation of Iranian artists, are widely miscellaneous with respect to the local region they are produced in. These include rugs, kilims, pottery and inlaid works of different kind and many other craftworks. All this, hand in hand with the gregarious spirit of Iranians and their world-famous hospitality, kindles a feeling of longing for Iran in each visitor’s heart after their first visit to the country.